Apple Warns iPhone Users Immediately

Apple has informed millions of iPhone users about a pop-up notice that appears when water is found in the device’s charging port.

If the notification is ignored, the Lightning port’s pins or the cable may corrode, causing long-term harm or connectivity issues.

A blue water drop and a yellow warning triangle show inside two different types of notifications.

Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector, according to the second message, while the first notification cautions that “Charging Not Available.” Except in extreme circumstances, it is imperative that neither notice be disregarded.

Apple has provided some advice on how to dry out your iPhone, including gently tapping it with the Lightning connector facing down to remove any extra liquid, putting it in a dry place with good airflow, and waiting for about 30 minutes before trying to charge it once more.

If the notification reappears, there is still liquid on the iPhone, and you must wait up to a day before trying to charge it or attach a Lightning accessory. This is because the notification indicates that there is still liquid on the iPhone.

Apple advises against using compressed air or external heat sources to dry out the iPhone and against putting unapproved items like cotton swabs or paper towels into the Lightning port.

It’s also advised against putting the iPhone in a sack of rice because doing so could damage the gadget.



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