Announcing New Hours for Government Offices is PM Shehbaz

Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, has set revised hours for federal government agencies. They will now begin at 7:30 AM instead of 8 AM. This rule is applicable to all federal government agencies nationwide and will take effect right away.

The PM has also stated that the cabinet’s luxury cars will be returned as a result of the austerity measures. The action aims to cut back on wasteful spending and make sure that resources are used effectively. These actions have been taken in light of the challenging economic circumstances the nation is currently experiencing.

Cabinet members will now be responsible for paying their own utility bills, including those for electricity, gas, and water, in an effort to further reduce costs. The choice is anticipated to save a sizeable sum of money, which might then be applied to other things like debt repayment.

Also, the government has issued a warning that, if necessary, it may electrify commercial centres after 5 PM. Energy will be conserved, and the national power grid will experience less stress as a result. Given that the nation is also experiencing a fuel crisis, it is hoped that this action will assist in preventing power outages and ensuring that there is enough electricity.

As the strategy aims to boost the nation’s economy and provide a better future for all Pakistanis, Prime Minister Shehbaz has urged officials and citizens to abide by it. These actions are anticipated to increase government sector productivity and efficiency while also saving money.

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