And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2023 is . . . BioticsAI

Over the past three days, a fierce competition unfolded at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield, where 20 promising startups battled it out. These 20 companies were carefully selected from a pool of 200 entrants as the cream of the crop, all vying for the prestigious Startup Battlefield Cup and a substantial prize of $100,000. Following three days of intense pitching and scrutiny, a champion has emerged.

The startups participating in the Startup Battlefield underwent a rigorous selection process, with each one handpicked to join this startup showdown. Each company had the opportunity to present a live demonstration before multiple panels of venture capitalists and influential tech figures, who acted as discerning judges, all in pursuit of the coveted Disrupt Cup and the grand prize of $100,000.

After countless hours of careful deliberation, the editorial team at TechCrunch meticulously reviewed the judges’ feedback and managed to whittle down the impressive list to a mere six finalists. These finalists were: Parallel Health, Magnestar, Electrified Thermal Solutions, BioticsAI, Allie Systems, and Agri-Trak.


These remarkable startups advanced to the ultimate stage, where they showcased their innovations before a distinguished panel of judges, comprising Mamoon Hamid (Kleiner Perkins), Mar Hershenson (Pear VC), Charles Hudson (Precursor), Marissa Mayer (Sunshine), Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch), and Dana Settle (Greycroft).

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to announce the victor of TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 2023…

Winner: BioticsAI

BioticsAI has pioneered an AI-powered platform that seamlessly integrates with ultrasound machines to prevent misdiagnoses of fetal malformations. This groundbreaking startup boasts an exceptional ability to accurately detect fetal malformations, ensuring the quality and comprehensiveness of screenings, and then automating the generation of comprehensive reports.



While its current focus is on second-trimester anomaly screenings, BioticsAI is poised for expansion into related domains such as gynecology, urology, and neonatology. It has the potential to become the go-to AI diagnostic platform for reproductive health and beyond.

Runner-up: Electrified Thermal Solutions

Electrified Thermal Solutions is an innovative newcomer in the startup scene, specializing in the development of a groundbreaking technology known as “thermal batteries.” As the name implies, these innovative devices function much like conventional batteries but are engineered to store and harness heat. Their operation is both ingenious and eco-friendly.

In essence, thermal batteries serve as a reservoir for heat energy. During daylight hours when clean energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels are operating at their peak, these thermal batteries efficiently capture and store the surplus thermal energy. This clean energy accumulation process ensures that no renewable energy goes to waste, helping to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and lower environmental impact.

However, where thermal batteries truly shine is during times when clean energy generation is hampered by factors such as inadequate sunlight or adverse weather conditions. When these challenges arise, Electrified Thermal Solutions’ ingenious thermal bricks come into play. They seamlessly release the stored heat energy, providing a reliable and sustainable source of warmth that can be used for various applications, including heating buildings, powering industrial processes, or even enhancing agricultural practices.



In a world increasingly focused on renewable and sustainable energy solutions, Electrified Thermal Solutions’ pioneering thermal batteries offer a promising avenue to ensure efficient and eco-conscious utilization of heat energy. Their innovative approach contributes to a more resilient and environmentally responsible energy landscape.

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