Amid Record-Breaking Gold Prices, a New Haq Meher Limit Is Announced

Given the ongoing increase in gold prices, the Lower Dir Jirga has made a major choice. In Lower Dir, a written agreement has been created that mandates the fixing of a Haq Mehr of one tola for Nikkah as well as a fine of Rs. 100,000 in the event that the agreement is broken.

The written contract also states that anyone who violates the terms of the Haq Mehr Agreement will not be given cooperation and will face a societal boycott.

The recent increase in gold prices in Pakistan, which reached an all-time high on Tuesday by increasing by Rs. 5,000 per tola, is addressed by this agreement.

The price of gold (24 carats) reportedly rose by Rs. 5,000 per tola to Rs. 214,500. In a similar manner, the cost of 10 grammes of gold rose by Rs. 4,288 to Rs. 183,900.

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