Atlas Honda has unveiled the 2024 CG125, boasting it as an “all-new” edition. At first glance, the primary alteration in this latest iteration is the refreshed sticker design.

In an effort to highlight the rejuvenation of this classic motorcycle, the company has meticulously detailed a list of “77 enhancements” incorporated into the updated model. These enhancements encompass a variety of improvements, such as:

    • Increased compression ratio
    • Upgraded carburetor design with better airflow
    • Upgraded pistons
    • Refreshed crank-shaft assembly
    • Redesigned head and cylinder
    • Revised combustion chamber design
    • New gear-oil pump drive
    • New gear timing drive
    • Reinforced engine mounting points

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At first glance, these modifications might suggest minor improvements in the reliability and performance of the new model. However, in reality, they are largely cosmetic and won’t lead to any substantial distinctions between the old and new versions. So, don’t be misled by these changes.

Honda has upgraded the ‘Special Edition’ model to ‘Gold Edition’. The refresh include:

  • Speedometer with black and gold color scheme
  • Gold front emblem
  • Refreshed seat stitching pattern
  • Black and gold sticker
  • Gold side and exhaust cover
  • Clear white blinkers

The company has maintained its bike prices without an increase for an extended period, resulting in the CG125 standard and SE models being priced at Rs. 234,900 and Rs. 282,900, respectively.

Atlas Honda has a long-standing presence in Pakistan, spanning several decades, and remains the largest bike manufacturer in terms of production and sales volume. However, it’s worth noting that the company continues to offer basic, traditional models in its product lineup.

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Atlas Honda has been announcing multiple price hikes, even though it claims that its bike manufacturing is 90% localized. Despite that, the demand for its bikes remains strong due to a lack of choice for buyers.

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