All 4 Provinces Designate Departments for Computer Emergency Response Teams

All four provinces in Pakistan have designated departments for Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), as part of a nationwide initiative to bolster cybersecurity. This move is in line with the newly established CERT Rules 2023, which aim to enhance the country’s defense against cyber threats targeting public sector entities and critical infrastructure.

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication has created a National CERT and sectoral CERTs to monitor and protect Pakistan’s cyberspace continuously. The national CERT will coordinate responses to cyber threats and attacks, ensuring a unified defense strategy across federal and provincial levels. The sectoral CERTs, which include provincial CERTs, will focus on specific areas such as government, military, telecommunications, and other critical services​ .

This initiative, led by the Caretaker Minister for IT Umar Saif, marks a significant step towards improving the resilience of Pakistan’s cybersecurity infrastructure, aiming to safeguard government data and critical information systems from evolving cyber threats​ ​.

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