Alibaba Launches Chatbot Following Google and Microsoft: Qianwen Tongyi

To help its clients, e-commerce behemoth Alibaba has introduced its chatbot Tongyi Qianwen. The business wants to make it possible for its clients to create unique large language models.

Tongyi Qianwen is a huge language model powered by AI that works similarly to chatGPT.

It will first be linked to DingTalk, Alibaba’s messaging app, and then used to summarise meeting minutes, according to the business.

Additionally, it intends to integrate Tamll Genie, Alibaba’s voice assistant.

The largest e-commerce company, Alibaba, debuted a chatbot on Tuesday that works similarly to chatGPT. In order to soon combine all of the company’s business apps onto one platform, the company has built the chatbot.

Also, if we link it up with DingTalk, Alibaba’s internal messaging programme. Later, it will be used to send emails, prepare business proposals, and summarise the meeting minutes.

It will also be included in Tmall Genie, Alibaba’s voice assistant, according to the company.
We are at a technological turning point, driven by generative AI and cloud computing, according to Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang. To stay competitive, companies in many industries have begun to embrace intelligence transformation.

Tongyi Qianwen will be made available to customers of Alibaba Cloud, the biggest e-commerce giant, in order to expedite and aid in the development of their language models.

After the release of chatGPT L, developed by OpenAI, a new perception of producing fresh content from historical data has emerged. The Alibaba share price increased by about 3% in morning trading.

As a result, a lot of businesses are striving to develop chatbots to help their workers and consumers and make their activities more accessible and effective. Employees can easily achieve the greatest results with the new enhanced chatGPT.

Furthermore, Tongyi Qianwen is dependent on Tongyi, Alibaba’s in-house pre-trained model architecture that combines different AI models. Microsoft uses the GPT-4 technology foundation from chatGPT to improve Bing search results, making it one of the biggest IT companies.

Moreover, the model is intended to initially deploy on DingTalk and includes both Chinese and English capabilities. At its annual Cloud Conference in Beijing, the biggest e-commerce company and most recognisable IT behemoth omitted any live demonstration of the new bot.

On the other hand, at its conference, Baidu launched Ernie Bot, a new chatbot competitor. Various governments have voiced their opinions and worries over chatGPT’s possible downsides, such as copyright violations and privacy concerns.

In terms of revenue, Alibaba’s cloud is China’s top public cloud service provider. In addition to Tongyi Qianwen, Zhang expresses his hope that the firm will collaborate with research institutions, universities, and other industries to develop additional foundation models for Alibaba’s Cloud platform.

The saying that “the inventiveness of one person of one organisation is always restricted” is something we always believe, according to Zhang. However, he added that “all businesses and people should participate in the great era of artificial intelligence. By doing this, we can fully realise the infinite potential of intelligence.

Tongyi Qianwen is now only accessible to Chinese enterprise customers of Alibaba for beta testing, but it will soon be made available to the general public.

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