Air Traffic Control in Dubai Will Use AI

Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) will soon have AI-powered air traffic control systems. Dubai is known for its technical advances.

The National reports that Saab has created a radar-flight data technology. David Shomar, Vice President of Civil Security for Saab MENA, says the technology will be ready in a year.


The AI-powered air traffic control system will minimise employee workload and improve safety by having the controller monitor only one screen.

At Airport Show 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre, David stated AI will help prepare for incidents and manage terminal traffic.

Saab’s technology will map airport resources like police, firetrucks, ambulances, and border control. In an emergency, the system will locate and send the nearest resources.

It will also warn immigration and customs workers of delayed flights on the airside.

DXB had 21.2 million passengers in Q1 2023, up 55.8% from the previous year. The airport’s pre-pandemic passenger throughput was 95.6%.



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