Again, a large number of flights at Lahore Airport are cancelled or delayed.

Due to a lack of planes and technical difficulties, Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore had a number of flight disruptions earlier today.

Seven domestic flights were cancelled as a result of the event, and two foreign planes were delayed.

A number of flights with destinations in Karachi, including PF-144, PA-405, PF-146, and ER-525, as well as flights with destinations in Lahore, PF-145, PA-406, and ER-524 from Karachi, were cancelled.

According to sources at the airport, the delays were caused by technical issues and a shortage of available planes. As a result, travellers were severely inconvenienced and faced an unanticipated delay in their travels.

Additionally, the IF-342 operated by was delayed by 45 minutes and the IF-341 run by was delayed by an hour from Najaf to Lahore.

The second such event in a week has not yet been detailed by the airport officials, nor have they disclosed the steps being taken to address the issue. But it is anticipated that measures will be taken to address the problem and guarantee future trouble-free operation of flights.

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