After the monkey and civet cat, yet another animal enters the parliament building.

Inside the Parliament Building, a rare occurrence occurred when a stray cat gave birth to a litter of kittens in one of the galleries. Meowing from the infants has become a topic of conversation among employees and guests alike.

It’s interesting to note that animals have been observed on the grounds of Parliament House before. Just last week, video of a monkey wandering around on the building’s top went popular on social media, sparking quite a fuss online.

Similar events occurred last month when a cunning Cevit Cat, also known as “Mushk Balao” in the local dialect, sneaked into the offices and caused mayhem before being saved by the workers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and released into its natural habitat.

It seems that recently, the Parliament House has developed into a magnet for wildlife. Unusual experiences like seeing animals moving around inside a structure are bound to stick in people’s minds for a very long time.

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