After Eid, more than 100,000 candidates will take the Cambridge exams.

According to a statement issued by Cambridge International on Tuesday, students from across Pakistan are currently studying for the upcoming June 2023 test series, which will start later this month.

Thousands of applicants take their school exams each year during the June series, which is regarded as the biggest test series held by the organisation.

At more than 100 accredited testing facilities across the nation, students are carefully preparing to take the Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, and Cambridge International AS & A Level exams.

Over 100,000 candidates will appear for examinations for more than 100 Cambridge O Level, IGCSE, and Cambridge International AS & A Level degrees, with over 330,000 subject registrations.

The first test in the series will be on April 24, and the last test will be on May 19. Cambridge International collaborates with educational institutions and other partners, such as the British Council, to ensure that candidates study for and take examinations in a secure environment.

In order to maintain the integrity, high standards, and quality of examinations, as well as to ensure that students everywhere are treated equally and fairly, the organisation applies stringent regulations.

Leading universities and corporations around the globe accept and value Cambridge qualifications, the statement claims. Cambridge International is committed to ensuring that students finish their studies despite recent difficulties faced by students, such as the pandemic and financial uncertainties in the nation.











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