AED 5 million is awarded by a Dubai court to a bus crash survivor.

The survivor of the UAE-Oman bus disaster that occurred three years ago has received compensation from the Dubai Court of First Instance in the amount of AED 5 million. Muhammad Baig Mirza, a 20-year-old Indian guy, suffered life-threatening injuries and trauma as a result of this tragedy.

According to his attorneys, he received AED 1 million from the UAE Insurance Authority at first, but after the petitioners went to the Dubai Court, the amount was increased to AED 5 million.

Easa Anees, a senior consultant, expressed satisfaction with the decision and claimed that Baig lost the ability to live a happy life with a promising future in addition to the functions of his body parts. He continued by saying that the accident had negative psychological, social, and financial effects on Baig’s family.

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