A PIA flight headed for Canada makes an emergency landing in Norway

A PIA aircraft from Karachi to Toronto, flight PK-783, experienced a four-hour delay due to an emergency landing at Oslo Airport in Norway.

A passenger called Syed Javed had a medical emergency that required landing because his condition had gotten worse while in flight.
Three doctors were on board the aircraft, and they reportedly gave the passenger some initial aid, according to a representative for the national flag carrier. The flight captain then asked for approval to make an emergency landing at Oslo Airport after the doctors’ consensus resulted in the declaration of an emergency.

When the plane touched down, an ambulance was standing by the entrance to treat the passenger. According to the spokesperson, the PIA flight resumed its journey from Oslo Airport to Toronto once the passenger had gotten all necessary medical care.

Due to the night curfew, there will be a 13-hour gap before PIA’s return journey from Toronto to Pakistan (Islamabad) as a result of the delay. The flight’s crew and passengers received acclaim for their prompt action and cooperation during the medical emergency. 

The public has been reassured by PIA that the safety and welfare of its customers and employees will always come first.

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