A Pakistani judge uses ChatGPT to grant a rape suspect pre-arrest bail.

A court in the city of Phalia utilised artificial intelligence to help him make the decision to grant a juvenile suspect accused of attempted rape pre-arrest bail.

A second session On March 29, Judge Muhammad Aamir Munir used ChatGPT in his decision.

Mandi Bahauddin is the district of the small tehsil Phalia, which is located in central Punjab. “A case for bail of a 13-year-old kid was put before them,” the judge said in his decision.

The young person is charged with making an attempt to rape a nine-year-old youngster. The court decided that the kid should be given pre-arrest bail due to many legal issues in the case after hearing the arguments from both parties.

The judge decided to use ChatGPT as an experiment after setting the bond amount.

Given that robots are increasingly being utilised for legal consultations in many nations, the decision to use this technology was taken in light of its potential to support legal investigations in the future.

First, the judge questioned ChatGPT, “Can a 13-year-old Pakistani juvenile suspect be given bond following arrest?”

ChatGPT responded, “Section 12 of the Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 states that the court may grant bail subject to specific restrictions. But, whether or not a 13-year-old defendant is given bail after being arrested is up to the court.

What will happen if Section 83 of the Pakistan Criminal Code is read in conjunction with this, the judge continued.

According to Section 83 of the Pakistani Criminal Code, a crime committed by a kid under the age of seven is not even considered to be a crime, and until the age of 12, it is presumed that the child is not capable of committing a crime, ChatGPT replied. The court will decide how to apply this clause, nevertheless.

Here, the judge informed ChatGPT that due to changes in Pakistani legislation, it is now up to the court to determine whether a child under the age of 14 is capable of committing a crime.

Paragraph 1 of the U.S. Constitution was amended in 1996.

In the end, the court outlined the circumstances of the case and requested input on whether or not the 13-year-old kid should be given bail before being taken into custody.

The court must make this judgement, however based on the information provided, bail can be legally granted, ChatGPT said in response.

Totaling 18 questions from the judge, ChatGPT twice provided the incorrect answers.

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