A multi-billion-rupee bogus file transfer scandal has been exposed in two CDA sectors.

Following a complaint, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) investigated a fraud involving false transfer paperwork worth Rs. 2 billion.

In the initial part of the investigation, 40 phoney land files encompassing 600 kanals were discovered in Mouza Shah Allah Ditta, D-13.

The CDA has announced that the draw for Sector D-13 will take place on May 25. Soon after the announcement, the map of Shah Allah Ditta vanished from the Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office. More D-13 and C-15 files were later disclosed.

Afnan Alam, Member State CDA, suggested initiating a prosecution against Girdawar Shiraz and Patwari Fakhar Abbas over the missing map of Shah Allah Ditta’s Mouza.

The member state also requested that the FIA open an investigation and recover the records. Chairman CDA Noor ul Amin Mengal heard the application in open court and then ordered a formal inquiry.

Meanwhile, the missing map has been submitted, but it is being cross-checked with administrative records from Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and third-party verification. Files are investigated on an individual basis, and the scope of the investigation into Sector D-13 is not restricted to revenue workers exclusively.

Effective precautions have been made to secure CDA revenue records, and if any private individuals are discovered to be involved in the investigation, the proper institutions will be referred.


This instance emphasises the importance of transparency and accountability in government agencies in order to prevent such fraudulent activity.

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