A judge of Pakistan’s highest court allegedly makes more than Rs1.7 million per month, including benefits, according to several social media accounts.


The assertion is accurate.

According to a tweet from January 27, a justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court is paid 1.8 million rupees per month.

The user also gave a breakdown, in which he claimed to have included an 800,000 salary, 370,000 in house rent, 600 litres of gasoline, two chauffeurs, two luxury cars, 5,000 in daily transport expenses, and discounted airline tickets.

“While Pakistan is ranked 139th globally in the rule of law index,” says the statement.

Other internet users made similar claims that a judge earns about Rs1.6 million per month.


It is accurate to say that the current monthly pay of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, including benefits, is over Rs1.7 million.


Under the condition of anonymity, a senior ministry of law and justice official revealed to Geo Fact Check over the phone that the top court’s judges each receive Rs967,638 while the chief justice gets Rs1,024,324 each month.


He continued, “These salaries are relevant starting in July 2021 and are the same as they are now.

The official revealed to Geo Fact Check that the Supreme Court’s judges, including the chief justice, are also eligible to a monthly Superior Judicial Allowance of Rs428,040.

Other monthly benefits for judges include 600 litres of gasoline and two chauffeur-driven 1,800cc cars, while the top justice is given a 2,400cc car. Then there is Rs. 68,000 for housing rent and Rs. 8,000 per day for out-of-city transport.

A second official with knowledge of the matter, who also wished to remain anonymous, verified that a Supreme Court judge receives Rs69,035 in medical benefits each month. But none of the officials could provide a judge with the precise sum that had been paid out for phone and power.

As a result, the monthly total of the pay and benefits is just over Rs1.7 million.

The house rent, vehicle allowance, superior judicial allowance, and cost of living allowance will not be taxed, in accordance with the President’s Order No. 2 1997, which addresses the apex court justices’ leave, pension, and privileges.

In order to verify the data, Geo Fact Check also sent a written inquiry to the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR).

The Legal-II Section Accounts Officer of the AGPR replied that Geo Fact Check should speak with the Supreme Court of Pakistan in place.

An AGPR representative told me over the phone that this information “was privileged” and could not be given by the AGPR, but that the ministry of finance might be able to help.

When Geo Fact Check called the ministry of finance, it was directed back to the ministry of law and justice.




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