A Crypto Wallet Functionality for Microsoft Edge is Coming Soon

According to reports, the unreleased cryptocurrency wallet feature has a password and a recovery method in case a user forgets their password.
Microsoft has released a refreshing announcement following months of bad news for the cryptocurrency industry. A crypto wallet capability has been added to the Microsoft Edge browser, according to a recent announcement from the tech giant.

Once it is officially released, users will be able to pay and receive money while storing their cryptocurrency and NFTs inside the Edge browser.

While crypto wallet and NFT related features have already been offered by different browsers, this is the first time a mega corporation such as Microsoft is taking up a crypto focused project. Microsoft’s interest in the cryptocurrency sector may increase trust and lead to a sizable market expansion as new features are introduced.

The feature is currently being developed and is available for testers. It was discovered by a Twitter user by the name of Albacore.

The cryptocurrency wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means that no third party (in this case, Microsoft) will be involved in the ownership of the wallet, according to information provided by Microsoft on the feature’s main page.

The Microsoft Edge cryptocurrency wallet will be integrated with Edge’s current wallet, which accepts cash payments, and come secured with a password and recovery method.

Trust and security are important selection criteria for cryptocurrency users who entrust the designers of their wallets with assets worth many thousands of dollars. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) will reportedly be integrated into Microsoft’s 365 Cloud productivity platform, further enhancing security.

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