2 Famous Private Housing Societies in Peshawar Are Operating Without NOCs

The interim administration of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has expressed serious concerns regarding certain housing projects within the province. It has come to their attention that certain private housing ventures are enticing individuals to invest in them without obtaining the requisite No Objection Certificate (NOC), as reported by Dawn.

During a press briefing, Provincial Information Minister Feroze Jamal Shah Kakakhel pointed out that Citi Housing and Bahria Town in Peshawar are distributing application forms even in the absence of the necessary approvals.

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He emphasized the importance of the public directing their investments exclusively towards housing projects that have obtained the necessary approvals.

Several offices of these non-compliant projects have already faced closure, and further investigations are underway regarding housing societies lacking NOCs.

Kakakhel asserted firmly, “While investments are encouraged, they should not jeopardize people’s hard-earned savings.” He strongly cautioned against purchasing application forms from projects that have not secured official authorizations.

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In addition, the minister noted that actions have been taken against individuals hoarding essential commodities. Recent measures have led to the seizure of 8,000 bags of wheat and 90,000 liters of cooking oil from such hoarders.

Regarding financial matters, Kakakhel revealed that the provincial government can only disburse funds to its departments once they receive the necessary allocations. They are still awaiting Rs. 262 billion from the central government, despite having received Rs. 1.5 trillion since 2016.


In response to a range of challenges, a dedicated task force has been established. This task force, under the supervision of the home secretary, has been tasked with addressing issues such as gold, sugar, and electricity theft, as well as curbing dollar smuggling.

Kakakhel further mentioned that elections will be imminent once the Election Commission finalizes the schedule. Electoral boundary adjustments are currently underway, taking into account the most recent population figures.

Via Dawn

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