2.35 million mobile phones were produced in Pakistan in February 2023.

In comparison to the 0.19 million commercially imported mobile devices during February 2023, local manufacturing facilities produced or assembled 2.35 million units.

1.87 million 2G and 0.48 million smartphone models were among the domestically produced/assembled mobile phones.

For the calendar year 2022, local manufacturing facilities produced or assembled 21.94 million mobile devices, down from 24.66 million in 2021, due to difficulties with imports brought on by limitations on the opening of letters of credit (LCs).

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, 1.53 million mobile phones were commercially imported throughout the year 2022. (PTA).

Also, according to PTA data, 43 percent of mobile devices on the Pakistani network are 2G and 57 percent are smartphones.

In the first eight months (July-January) of the current fiscal year 2022–23, Pakistan imported mobile phones for $447.855 million, representing a decrease of 68.29 percent from the $1.412 billion in imports during the same period of the previous year.

According to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), mobile phone imports decreased 36.39 percent month over month (MoM), from $51.960 million in January 2023 to $33.054 million in February 2023.

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