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17 Pakistani Universities Included in QS Sustainability Rankings 2024


It is with great pride that we announce that 17 Pakistani universities have been included in the prestigious QS Sustainability Rankings 2024. This recognition highlights the commitment of these institutions towards sustainable practices and their contribution to a better future for our planet.

What are the QS Sustainability Rankings?

The QS Sustainability Rankings is an annual assessment of universities worldwide, evaluating their efforts and impact in promoting sustainability across various domains. The rankings are based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including environmental performance, social responsibility, and governance.

Pakistani Universities Leading the Way

The inclusion of 17 Pakistani universities in the QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 is a testament to their dedication and hard work towards creating a sustainable future. These institutions have demonstrated remarkable progress in implementing sustainable practices and integrating sustainability into their core values and operations.

Some of the Pakistani universities that have made it to the list include:

  1. University of Karachi
  2. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  3. Quaid-i-Azam University
  4. University of the Punjab
  5. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  6. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  7. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
  8. University of Peshawar
  9. University of Science and Technology, Bannu
  10. University of Balochistan
  11. University of Sindh
  12. University of Health Sciences, Lahore
  13. University of Gujrat
  14. University of Malakand
  15. University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  16. University of Haripur
  17. University of Turbat

Contributions to Sustainability

These universities have taken significant steps towards sustainability by implementing a range of initiatives. They have actively reduced their carbon footprint through energy-efficient practices, waste management systems, and the use of renewable energy sources. Moreover, these institutions have incorporated sustainability into their curriculum, promoting research and education on environmental issues.

Furthermore, the universities have fostered a culture of social responsibility by engaging in community outreach programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, and encouraging students to actively participate in sustainable development projects.

Implications for the Future

The inclusion of 17 Pakistani universities in the QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 not only showcases their individual achievements but also reflects positively on the overall higher education sector in Pakistan. It highlights the country’s commitment to sustainability and positions it as a leader in the region.

By promoting sustainable practices and integrating sustainability into their operations, these universities are nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders who will drive positive change in various sectors.


The recognition of 17 Pakistani universities in the QS Sustainability Rankings 2024 is a significant milestone for the higher education sector in the country. It signifies the commitment of these institutions towards creating a sustainable future and their dedication to addressing global challenges through research, education, and community engagement.

As we celebrate this achievement, let us acknowledge the collective effort of these universities and encourage them to continue their journey towards sustainability, inspiring others to follow suit.

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