Several people are questioning the validity of Meri Pharmacy’s meds due to its promotion, #HealthcarePeNoCompromise.

Meri Pharmacy argues that the presence of a licenced pharmacist is necessary to ensure accurate information, focusing on the three essential components.

To ensure that temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals are stored in the proper environment to improve efficacy, this should be supported by the establishment of a cold storage facility.

Building on their aim to simplify healthcare, Meri Pharmacy has set out to establish a controlled marketplace whose purpose is to digitise, aggregate, and optimise consumer access to medicines, healthcare items, and related services.

They are trying to further this cause by totally digitising the current process (B2B2C) and building a network of local pharmacies that serve as specialised healthcare facilities supported by a specialised warehouse powered by technology.

The combination of the brand ambassador, Ali Gul Pir, combines nicely with the brand: Genuine, local, community-oriented, and easy to approach.

With a hybrid pharmacy business, they have rapidly expanded to 15 branches throughout Karachi in less than a year and have a devoted following of customers online.

Meri Pharmacy is committed to lowering the cost of healthcare and increasing its accessibility throughout Pakistan.

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