14-Year-Old Son of Pakistani Fisherman Wins 7 International Medals

Amir Hamza Panjari, 14, a resident of Karachi’s Kemari neighborhood, won seven international gold medals in the World Scholar’s Cup on Thursday, bringing great pleasure to Pakistan.

His astounding resume included four gold and three silver medals, which he obtained by showcasing his extraordinary speaking and writing skills.

Each year, hundreds of competitors from all over the world compete in the World Scholar’s Cup, an international academic team tournament.

Amir Hamza’s achievement is made even more amazing by the fact that, despite hailing from a low-income family (his father is a fisherman), he flourished academically and attained this incredible success because to his zeal for learning and tenacious hard work. He is an incredible inspiration for all driven students.

Amir Hamza expressed his happiness at earning the medals and gave his parents and his own hard work credit for his accomplishments. For the first time, he admitted, he was reluctant to travel abroad alone, but his father encouraged him.

His success serves as a reminder that Pakistan’s youth are capable and full of potential, and with the right opportunities and support, they can achieve great things.

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