11 people died in the Karachi ration stampede, and a case was launched against the plant owner.

KARACHI: Police arrested the factory’s owner and administrative personnel on Saturday in connection with the tragic stampede that left about a dozen people dead and numerous others hurt in Karachi.

The latest event in which individuals lost their lives in search of free food occurred on Friday, when there was a stampede inside a factory at the Naurus crossroads in Karachi’s SITE neighbourhood, resulting in at least 11 deaths and five injuries.

Under Sections 322 (punishment for unintentional murder), 337H-2 (punishment for harm by rash or negligent act), and 34 (acts done by several people in furtherance of common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code, the case was filed at the SITE A police station on behalf of Sub-Inspector (SI) Malik Asif Zia (PPC).

According to the first information report (FIR), factory employees’ carelessness during the distribution of rations culminated in a stampede that killed people.

It said that the stampede that occurred as soon as the security guard opened the factory’s little entrance to enable the crowd inside to collect food murdered the women and children. It also stated that factory owners Abdul Khaliq had been distributing cash as Zakat on behalf of plant managers Islam and Jaseem for a number of years.

Khaliq, the two managers, and seven additional people have been named as suspects.

According to the police, eight suspects, including the owner and managers of the factory, had already been taken into custody.


Police bring suspects they have detained in court

The suspects were later brought before the judicial magistrate court (East). The accused were physically detained for a period of 14 days by the police during the hearing, despite the defence attorney’s pleadings for their release.

The attorney argued that because the suspects had committed no crime, they ought to be freed.

The court then withheld its decision about the police’s request; it will be made public soon.


The occurrence

People were gathering outside a dyeing factory in the city’s industrial sector to collect rations as part of charity drives Karachiites organise every Ramadan to aid the destitute when the incident took place.

According to rescue and police sources who spoke to Geo News, there were eight women and three children among those deceased in the event.

According to emergency sources, six other persons lost consciousness during the stampede. Police reported that a sizable crowd had gathered at the location where the ration was being handed.

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